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Why Consider CBD?

Fun Fact About Me: I got off of anti-anxiety meds in 2017.

Let me start by saying I think everyone should make the decision that is right for them, alongside the guidance of their doctor. For me, being on meds was not the right decision. I had a lot of negative side effects on both of the options I tried and the benefits just didn't outweigh the costs. Note that I did not make the decision to start meds or get off of them lightly, I talked to different doctors, psychologists, and even did my own research. When the time came to get off of them, I took my time and titrated slowly. All of this, alongside the guidance of my doctors.

What does this have to do with CBD? Well, in CBD, I found a solution with minimal side effects and a lot of great benefits. Is CBD as strong as the meds were? Not necessarily, in my opinion. However, the benefits far outweighs the costs with this option. Again, this is in my case. Because it worked for me, that does not necessarily mean it'll work for everyone.

What are the benefits? CBD has helped me manage my anxiety and it helps manage pain. So not only does it help when I need it for anxiety, but I can also take it for period cramps. A few years ago I decided to stop taking OTC pain medication unless it was absolutely necessary. CBD gives me another option that is easier on my body.

How is a drug easier on my body? Technically marijuana is classified as a drug, however, CBD, which isn't the same as marijuana (or weed), is a naturally-occurring substance. Think of it similarly to drinking wine instead of taking ecstasy that was made in a lab. Both aren't the best thing for you, but one is much better for you than the other.

If it's "not good" for you, why take it? It's all about moderation and healthy swaps. It's very difficult to go through your life ONLY having things that are good for you. You couldn't have processed sugar, anything fried, wine, beer, any medications and so much more that most of us consume if you were only consuming what is "good" for you. For me, it's about doing the best I can given my circumstances. If that means taking CBD instead of chemicals made in a lab, so be it.

Please be mindful that I am not a doctor or medical professional and I cannot give medical advice. Make sure to talk to your doctor before adding or changing any of your medications.

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