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My COVID Bridal Appointment

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

I said "Yes" to the Dress!

It's official, I've chosen a Hayley Paige wedding gown and I am obsessed! Growing up I always imagined what my bridal appointment would be like, I saw myself surrounded by close friends and my mom, champagne in hand and in a beautiful wedding gown...

Like so many other brides, COVID-19 made that very challenging to accomplish. My bridal salon had a strict 2 guest policy and we all had to wear masks. It wasn't what I'd expected but it was still wonderful. Thanks to Zoom, I did get to share the day with close friends that couldn't be there. I will admit, it threw me off a bit and it was difficult to juggle talking to them and the people there in the room with me, but it was still wonderful.

The appointment began and finished all within the blink of an eye. I tried on the first couple of dresses and though they were beautiful they didn't feel like me. Eventually I tried on a Hayley Paige dress that I absolutely loved and felt completely myself in but being the type-A person I am, I decided to try on a couple more before saying yes.

After trying on that Hayley Paige, the other dresses just felt mediocre at best, nothing could compare. My consultant put me back into the Hayley Paige and we put a veil on. I was about ready to say yes then but still not quite sure until out of the corner of my eye I saw my consultant come out behind the wall with a bouquet. I lost it. She forced me to take the flowers and unable to breathe I wouldn't look at myself in the mirror. I knew as soon as I did I'd be in a puddle of tears and sure enough, I was correct. I took one look and started crying. That's about the same time I said yes to my dress.

Though I am not ready to share photos of myself in THE dress quite yet, I'll post some photos from the day below!




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