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My Bath Essentials: Shopping Guide

One of my favorite ways to self-care is taking baths! I love them and if you follow me on IG, you might have noticed that I take a lot of them. Baths have become a great way for me to soothe sore muscles and to meditate in a wonderful, comfortable environment.

I've had a few questions lately about what I use for my baths and some of my "Bath Essentials". On occasion, I do make my own Bath Bombs and you can find the how-to guide for those here. But, otherwise here are a few of my essentials and where to get them...

Dr. Teals Bubble Bath

Target = $4.99

This stuff is BOMB for making good, fluffy bubbles! Target does have some of their own Target branded bubble bath as well, which works similarly for about $0.50-1.00 cheaper. I prefer the Dr. Teal's. Buy here.

Up+Up Branded Bath Salts

Target = $3.99

Speaking of Target branded dupes, this is a great one! In my opinion, the bath salts for Up+Up are the same as the Dr. Teal's brand and about $0.50 cheaper. If you go through it as quickly as I do, don't hesitate about grabbing the cheaper brand. Buy here.

My Favorite Types: Pink Himalayan Salts, Lavender, Eucalyptus

Philosophy Cake Batter Bubble Bath

Sephora = $20

This is probably the most expensive bath essential I buy and trust me, it's worth it. I use it mainly for special occasions and love it for the smell. Buy here.

Nectar Bath Treats Bath Bombs

Nectar Stores or Online = $24 for a 4pk.; $20 on promotion.

I discovered these a few years ago in Vegas. They have a store at the Mirage and I wanted something similar to Lush but at a better price point. These are usually on sale for $20, making them about $1-1.50 cheaper than Lush and just as good, in my opinion. Buy here.

Village Naturals Foaming Bath Salts = $12.99 for a 2pk.

Have a cold? Run, don't walk, and pick these up NOW! They are great for opening up the sinuses and they are foaming so you get a bubble bath and epsom salts all wrapped into one. These are one of my favorites, but a bag is really only good for 3-4 baths so keep that in mind. Buy here.

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