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60-Day Challenge: Macro Counting

New Challenge Alert! And this one's going to last 60 days...

The Macro Counting Challenge

Our wedding is coming up quickly and as part of my wedding prep, I want to feel my best. The last time I really committed to macro counting, I found myself feeling healthy and stronger than ever.

Starting March 1st, I am committing to 60 days of fully-committed macro counting. There will of course be some non-focused days, but I am committed to hitting my macros and following the plan I will lay out below.

Start Day = March 1st

End Day = April 29th

Macros Factored Based on the Following %'s:

  • Carbs = 45%

  • Protein = 25%

  • Fat = 30%

"Non-Focused" Day Rules:

  • A Non-Focused day is a day when I do not need to hit exactly.

  • Tracking is encouraged as a means to observe intuitive eating.

  • Total Days Allotted = 6 (3 of which must fall during my Bachelorette weekend)

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