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Busting Spring Allergies + the Symptoms

It's that time of year again... Spring Allergies

In the past, I've struggled with some pretty nasty Spring allergies. Sometimes I'd barely be able to keep my eyes open because they were so itchy. The last few years, I've managed a lot better and part of that has to do with some my symptom-busting strategies.

  1. Eucalyptus Oil - It may not get rid of the allergies, but it's a great way to clear up your sinuses so it can really help with the congestion. I like to put it in my baths or diffuse it during the day.

  2. Spicy Foods - Another great way to clear up your sinuses... Spicy foods can help with inflammation and can clear you right up! I use Sriracha and Cayenne in my foods to help.

  3. Emergency-C - The zinc and vitamin C in the widely used cold remedy can help alleviate allergy symptoms like congestion, head tension and even chills/body aches.

  4. Detox - Taking a hot epsom salt bath, probiotics and citrus fruits are a great way to detox the body. By detoxing, you remove the pollen from your body and other things that may be making you feel under the weather.

  5. Clean the House - Some allergies come from dust and other mites that live in your house. Keep your house clean and free of excess dust.

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