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Essential Oils: What's What

Essential oils have become one of my favorite ways to naturally heal and keep myself calm. Different essential oils can be used to help with different issues and some are even great just to have coursing through the home. Here is a quick what's what guide to my favorite essential oils:


My favorite essential oil for anxiety and depression. Lavender has a great way of calming the mind. You can put it in a diffuser or just hold the bottle under your nose. I like to take my lavender oil with me when I go on trips to just breathe in the smell when I'm feeling especially anxious. Bonus, mosquitos hate lavender, so put some on next time you're at a campfire by a lake.


This is my go-to essential oil whenever I am feeling a little extra congested. Eucalyptus naturally works to open up your airways and is great for when you have a minor cold or your allergies are acting up. Put some in your diffuser, your bath or even rub some on your chest. It's the homeopathic remedy lover's Vicks vapor rub.


Great for tummy aches and digestion. Next time you or a loved one isn't feeling so great and has a minor stomach ache, try adding peppermint to teas or even food. If you're going to be adding it to food frequently look into getting a food-safe mint oil. You can add it to just about anything from your morning protein smoothie to teas to hot chocolate.


The rose essential oils are another great one for anxiety and stress. There are a lot of great rose essential oil infused bath products like bath bombs, salts and even different bubble baths and soaps. This can be used interchangeably with lavender products if you're looking for a nice, relaxing bubble bath.

Some other essential oils and what they're used for:

Jasmine: helps with depression and libido

Lemon: aids digestion, mood, and headaches

Chamomile: used for relaxation

Sandelwood: calms nerves and helps with focus


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