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July Challenge: Stretch

Now that our wedding is done and I'm slowly getting back to having more free time, I've decided to re-start my monthly challenges!

The July Challenge = Stretch

What I'll Do:

  • Stretch everyday.

  • Minimum 10 minutes per day.

  • Yoga-based Stretching.

How I'll Measure It:

  • Will measure time at 10 minutes per day minimum.

  • Potential progress measured by improvements in flexibility and lower back pain.

What I Hope to Achieve:

Improved flexibility, decreased soreness and less lower back pain. In recent months, I've continued to stretch, but feel as though I have slacked on intensity and time spent stretching. I hope that by prioritizing it again I can start to feel less sore overall and help aleviate some of the pain I've been starting to feel in my lower back and joints.

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