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September Challenge Recap

ICYMI my September challenge was all about honing in on my diet, nutrition, fitness and meditation practice. The purpose was to find balance and delve even deeper into my holistic lifestyle.

I challenged myself to focus on balancing my micronutrients, following the 80/20 rule, doing a 1 minute 15 second plank for each day of the month and meditating every day. Overall I was very successful. I gave myself 3 "Free Days" and defiantly took them; other than that I stayed pretty well on track. Doing a plank everyday can get increasingly more difficult as your ab muscles get sore, so I resorted to doing 2 every other day and that seemed to work much better.

My results actually didn't shock me... I only lost a pound. But I did have a lot of great #NonScaleVictories:

I lost about 1% body fat

I shaved 3-4 inches from my waist, belly and hips (combined).

My resting HR lowered by an average of about 2 bpm

These non-scale victories are important to note and generally an even greater indication of overall wellness because they tell me that I lost more weight in body fat and was able to lower my stress level even while taking on more work. Take a look for yourself....

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