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May Self-Care Challenge: Check In #1

Every day during the month of May I am committing to self-care. In addition, I will be keeping track of what I do every day and sharing it right here on my blog. Self-care plays a vital role in managing stress and anxiety because it helps one to fill up their own cup.

Here are the rules:

  1. Minimum 20 minutes of self-care each day.

  2. Workouts don't count.

  3. No cell phone allowed during self-care time.

So, it's time for my first check-in! Here's how the first 7 days went:

May 1st - Bath & Face Mask

The increased stress as of late has resulted in some breakouts and dull skin so I knew I wanted to hit the skincare hard going into this challenge. I love doing my face masks in the bath because it's a great self-care 2-for-1.

May 2nd - Meditation & Face Mask

Meditation is not my favorite form of self-care, but sometimes it is exactly what I need. Meditation and deep breathing exercises help me relax on days when I can't seem to slow down.

May 3rd - Hair Color & Cut

It had been almost 6 months since my last hair cut and it was definitely time for a new one! My hair feels so much healthier and softer now.

May 4th - Read by the Pool

Reading has always been a great escape for me & soaking up some sun at the same time was perfect! I am currently reading 'A Simple Favor' and love the writing.

May 5th - Bath & Face Mask

Sticking with my goals to focus on skin-care I did another face mask. A week into this challenge and my skin is already looking clearer and brighter!

May 6th - Neck & Shoulder Massage

I hold a lot of stress and tension in my neck and shoulders and sometimes the pain becomes unbearable. Neck and shoulder massages are a great quick self-care option when you don't have time for a full massage but probably need one.

May 7th - Bubble Bath

Bubble baths are wonderful and always make me feel like I am really indulging for myself. For some extra love I like to add one of my favorite candles!

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