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June Stretch Challenge

Stretching and yoga are key to living a life of wellness. If you are lifting weights, running, have chronic pain, have bad menstrual cramps, whatever, stretching and yoga is a great way to help your body stay in good health. You can change up your poses and stretches to benefit certain areas of your body to better treat whatever problems you are experiencing.

Personally, I REALLY struggle with stretching enough. Generally I stretch about 5-10 minutes everyday, but I notice huge improvements in my resting heart rate and overall anxiety levels when I stretch for longer periods of time. Because of that, June will be dedicated to expanding my stretch and yoga routine.

During the month of June, I am committing to stretching at least 15 minutes a day. My primary goal is to create more overall wellness by doing something that I know will reduce my resting heart rate and overall anxiety levels. Additionally, I should become more flexible over the course of this month and see improved range of motion during my workouts, which will also be a huge plus!

The idea is to get these stretches done during my morning routine, but also use my workout time if I cannot get it done in the morning. I will not be posting weekly updates for this challenge, but will post a halfway and completed update so be on the lookout for those!

As always, if you have any questions feel free to reach out to me via email at

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