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July Challenge: New Recipes

July starts in just a couple of days and with it starts my next challenge! But can you believe we're already halfway through 2019? Crazy, right? Ok, back to the challenge. July is my new recipes challenge. Most of my past challenges have required me to do (or not do) something every day of the month. Obviously it would be a tad excessive to learn a new recipe EVERY day during the month of July, so instead I will be learning a new recipe every week during the month of July.

How it Works:

Each week during my meal planning I will make sure to include 1 new recipe, something I've never made before. Most of my inso will come from Pinterest, but I am open to suggestions if anyone has a recipe they'd like me to try! Because July technically starts Monday, and ends halfway through a week, this works out to 5 new recipes total! Oh boy...

Why a New Recipe Challenge:

If you've followed me a while you'll know I love to do my own cooking. However, I tend to stick with the same few recipes/meals because they're easy and don't require a lot of extra thought on my end. I'd like to expand my horizons and learn some new meals.

How Will I Stay Accountable:

Every week I will be posting a new blog with the recipe, my review of it and a photo. Likely these will come out a few days after I've made the meal to give me time to write it up and upload the photo. This blog is NOT my full time job, after all.

If you have any meal suggestions email them to me at Thanks in advance!

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