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June Stretch Challenge: Complete

Another month-end means another challenge has come to a close. This one is very bitter sweet for me because as much as I know it was good for me, it was not all that enjoyable. Ever since I was the inflexible one in my dance group as a kid, I have not felt very passionate about stretching. In fact, I prefer to avoid it all together.

However, I completed the challenge, not with 100% perfection on the 15 minutes a day part, but I did manage to stretch everyday. Most days I did make it the full 15 minutes, but there were a good 3-4 days that it just didn't happen, but I made a 5 minute stretch before bed happen. I am relieved it's over and proud that I did finish it, for me this is a win, even though it wasn't perfect.

Did I Increase My Flexibility?

Yes. For the most part, I am more flexible today than I was June 1st. There are a few stretches I that I didn't really notice any improvement on, but for the most part I did gain flexibility, especially in my hamstrings, which has always been a problem area for me.

What Benefits Did I See?

The most unanticipated benefit was my increased range of motion while lifting. Specifically, my squat range of motion. I've always struggled to dip my booty below my knees when doing squats, but through this challenge I noticed I was able to get deeper and deeper. I also have gained a new appreciation for stretching. I see how it helps me preform better in my workouts and keep my time being sore down.

What Surprised Me?

I am not a morning stretch person. I really wanted to be able to stretch in the mornings so that I didn't have to worry about it bulking up my time in the gym, but I quickly realized that I was not going to be a daily morning stretch type of gal. Every time I tried it I felt so tight and cold, it was very difficult for me to get stretches as deep as I would later on in the day.

Overall, I am glad I did this challenge and plan to implement longer stretches in my workouts moving forward. It will be nice not having to hit that 15 minutes every day though...

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