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Yoga Challenge: Halfway Point

Let me start by saying, this challenge is FLYING by! I'm pleasantly surprised that this challenge is going by very quickly and so far I have enjoyed it. Me enjoy yoga? Yeah, I'm surprised too. Overall it's just helped me to feel very centered and it's significantly lowered my resting heart rate. I went from an average resting heart rate of 59 beats per minute going into the month and my average this week is at 52 beats per minute. So that alone is a major win in my book!

I started out this challenge with yoga from Beachbody On Demand, but have been using Yoga by Adriene on YouTube as well. Overall, I do like that Beachbody's yoga feels more like a workout, but Adriene is great when I am feeling like I need a restorative practice. I am pleased with this challenge so far and excited to see what happens next!

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