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September Challenge Recap: Yoga

I'm pleased to announce my September Yoga Challenge officially complete! As the month went on I got much better and doing my own yoga flows, instead of using YouTube or Beachbody. This was helpful when I went away for a weekend and had other people in our apartment and didn't want to be playing loud things on the tv. Overall I'd say this challenge was a success. It certainly wasn't my most difficult one yet, but it did teach me some things about myself.

I learned that I still don't love yoga. I wouldn't say I hate it, but I'd much rather do dance-type stretches than a full-blown yoga flow. I also learned that I actually enjoy meditation. I never thought I'd say that. Meditating always kind of felt dull to me, but by the end of this challenge, I can confidently say I enjoy it.

This really hit home for me about a week ago when I was doing my end-of-session meditation and I told myself I'd just shoot for 4-5 minutes, which would be one of my longest yet. Gotta start somewhere, right? Well, I started and focused on my breathing and visualization, keeping my mind focused on peace and calm. After a little while I started to come back to the present moment, sure only 3 minutes had passed when really it had been nearly 7 minutes. This was a huge win for me!

So overall, this challenge did go well and even though it wasn't physically challenging or time-consuming, I was able to learn some valuable things about myself.

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