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French Challenge: Halfway Point

This challenge is becoming a challenge of letting go... No, I'm not giving up the challenge, though I have wanted to at times. Rather, I'm letting go of beating myself up if I don't meet my benchmark goals. Setting benchmark goals is very important to stay on track, but sometimes they turn into more of stretch goals than something that is actually attainable.

As the days go by and lessons get more difficult, I am learning the lessons are taking longer to complete. If I was able to maintain the pace I had through unit 1, there's no doubt I'd finish a unit per week, but that's unfortunately not the case and I'd like to keep to about 20 minutes per day.

Alas, the need to let go of beating myself up. It's ok if you make goals and then realize you need to readjust because they're not realistic. I didn't realize that they lessons would take longer the more I progressed, so I get to adjust accordingly and be proud of the progress I am making.

That said, I am still on track to get to unit 4 by the end of the month. I'm going to do what I can to be done with unit 4, but also be mindful of what I can realistically accomplish. As of today, I am done with unit 2 so that is definitely promising! Wish me luck continuing on this journey...

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