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October Challenge Complete: French

I DID IT! I'm going to be completely honest with you all, there was a point there when I did not think I'd finish this challenge, but clearly I was committed to keeping my word and here we are. I'm writing this having just finished Unit 4 of my French and it went pretty well. This is my second time going through these lessons and I certainly did a lot better this time around, but it was by no means easy...

Learning a new language has never come easy to me. I do very well with the reading and writing but as soon as I have to speak or listen I have a difficult time with the accents and sounds that are uncommon in English. This time around I really focused on paying attention to sounds and mimicking exactly what I was hearing. By the second week I was no longer embarrassed to try out the words I was learning in front of Ian, which is HUGE for me! He even said I was doing better this time around.

I will say that this challenge got a little more stressful than I'd like for these monthly challenges and though it focused on self-improvement and self-development, it didn't have the same self-care and self-love component that I like that have with these challenges. That is why November's challenge is meditation. Although I'm going away from challenges such as this one, I do want to continue learning French and hopefully become more and more conversational. We shall see!

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