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Meditation Challenge Recap

I wish I could come on here and tell you all about how the meditation challenge changed my life, but I can't. That's on me though. I did do the challenge, but am sad to report I missed about 1/3 of the days throughout the month. So of 30 days I did about 20 days of meditation.

What did I learn? It's okay to forgive yourself and sometimes we're not as committed to something as we believed we were in the beginning. A year ago I would've beat myself up for not completing this challenge, but today I am honestly ok with it. I am bummed, yes, but ultimately I did do the best I can and it was a hectic month.

Let's talk commitments. I made a commitment to myself and I didn't keep it. That doesn't mean I am a failure, it simply means I wasn't as committed as I should've been and now I get to learn from it. I get to ask myself why I didn't complete and be authentic about it.

It's okay if you don't do everything 100% all the time. The important thing is to learn from it and be transparent with yourself about why. Make sure you are clear on what was missing so that you can work to improve moving forward. And finally, FORGIVE yourself.

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