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New Recipe #1: French Fries

January's challenge is bringing back the New Recipe challenge. Basically I will learn a new recipe or meal each week and post it here on the blog! I love these recipe challenges because they get me to try new meals and ideas. So let's get to it...

We got a Ninja Foodi for Christmas! For those that do not know, it's basically an instant pot and air fryer all in one. I am obsessed! Of course the first thing I had to learn how to make in the Foodi was french fries. I absolutely love fries and like to eat them when I get the chance but have always wanted a healthier way to make and enjoy them. Enter the air fryer!

Air fried french fries do taste different, but they are still very yummy in their own way. Keep in mind, the following recipe is for a Ninja Foodi, so make sure to follow the instructions on your air fryer if you're trying this on your own.

What You'll Need:

An Air Fryer

Russet Potatoes - 2 large

Olive Oil

Pink Himalayan Salt or Sea Salt


1. Wash, peel and cut the potatoes into .25-.5" strips, very similar to fries you'd get at a restaurant.

2. Put in the Ninja Foodi and spray with olive oil. Sprinkle pink Himalayan salt, toss, and sprinkle more. NOTE: I was shocked at how unsalted the first batch turned out so if you like salty fries, be generous with the salt.

3. Close the lid, select the "Air Crisp" function, make sure its set to 390 and set for 22-25 minutes.

4. Allow 5-10 minutes to cool, serve and enjoy!

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