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April Challenge: The Self-Care Challenge

I am beyond thrilled to bring back one of my favorite monthly challenges, the self-care challenge!

Why now? Self-care is so important with the current state of the world and politics. Anxiety and stress has increased dramatically by circumstances out of our control and it's time to take back our lives. One of the ways I love to take back my life is through self-care.

What exactly is the self-care challenge? I challenge myself to 20-30 minutes of uninterrupted and completely unplugged self-care every day. Yes it's a time commitment but yes it will improve my overall mood and well being. To me, that's worth it.

What are the rules?

  • 20-30 minutes per day

  • Uninterrupted time

  • Unplugged (no Facebook, Instagram, emails, anything)

  • Activities must be mixed up so the same thing isn't done two days in a row.

What are some self-care activities I plan on doing?

  • Bubble baths

  • Reading

  • Yoga

  • Journaling

  • Sunbathing with a Magazine

  • Doing my nails

What activities don't count?

  • Workouts; I already workout almost everyday and the challenge is to implement MORE self-care.

  • Sleep; As much as I love sleep, I get enough as it is...

  • Drinking water; this is a great form of self-care, but cannot be measured in time, so I can't count it.

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