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Self-Care Challenge: Halfway Point

Have I mentioned that I love my self-care challenges?

Loving on yourself is so important to your overall mental and emotional well-being. Self-care is one of the best ways we can show self-love. Why? Take the 5 love languages. Everyone (generally) falls into one of the love languages; touch, words, gifts, acts of service or quality time. Typically this would be how you like to receive love from your significant other, but it also works for how you like to receive love from yourself.

Self-care generally falls somewhere in one of these 5 categories. For example, words of affirmation from a loved one is very similar to positive affirmations to yourself in the mirror. Acts of service is very similar to drawing yourself a bath. Gifts is self-explanatory. Quality time would be any type of self-care that allows you to spend quality time with yourself, like meditation. Touch could be getting a message or giving yourself a massage.

If you're struggling with self-care and discovering which self-care may work best for you, I encourage you to reflect on your love language. My love language is quality time. Ian could be doing anything, as long as he is nearby and in the same room, I feel connected to him and loved. Most of my favorite self-care methods have a quality time component to them. Bubble baths and mediation being great examples. For both I am spending quality time with myself and with my thoughts.

So how is my self-care challenge going? Great! I need to work on getting a little more creative with types of self-care but at least I am doing it and staying with the "rules" I set out for myself. I've been taking a lot of bubble baths and I actually taught myself how to make bath bombs last week! All is good in this quarantined AF household...

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