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April Self-Care Challenge Recap

Another month down, another monthly challenge in the books.

I always love my self-care challenges because it does make me feel better mentally and puts me in a better headspace. Full disclosure, I didn't handle COVID-19 very well at the beginning. I am doing much better now and I know I am stronger than I was this time last year, but it was still a challenge to navigate at first. Practicing daily self-care has helped me to calm my mind and boost my overall mood so that I have more mental energy to cope with and manage the stress related to coronavirus.

What are some of the self-care activities I did this month? I kept it simple and didn't mix it up too much, but that was on purpose. I didn't want to add any stress and focused on self-care that I know makes me feel recharged. That included bubble baths, reading magazines and books on my porch and extended yoga practices.

Just like in the past, I have no intention of stopping my self-care routine any time soon. Granted, I may miss a day here or there or be more lax on the unplugged rule, I will continue to practice self-care for the foreseeable future.

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