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Read Challenge Recap: Chris Beat Cancer Review

I did it! And with time to spare...

Chris Beat Cancer was written by Chris Wark about his journey through and recovery of colon cancer. Early on he made the decision to forgo traditional chemotherapy treatment and opt for a more holistic approach to healing cancer. He changed his entire lifestyle, went vegan, reduced his stress, looked to God and managed to heal his cancer.

The beginning of the book is a little dry, chock full of statistics and reviews of various studies that may or may not convince the reader to opt for a more holistic approach themselves. To be frank, it felt like I was being pummeled with facts and figures and I longed for when he'd start getting into the "how" he cured his cancer instead of just explaining the "why" he chose a holistic approach. That said, when he finally got into it, I felt the book really picked up pace and felt relatable and filled with valuable information.

I highly recommend reading the book as it's a great source of information and Chris does a good job of making the topic of cancer feel less scary than it may be to some. Don't have time to read it? Or maybe you just want an overview beforehand... Here are the highlights that I learned:

  • Juicing is one of the best ways to get all of the nutrients and vitamins out of your fruit and veggies.

  • Poor sleep is actually linked to more than just cardiovascular disease. It's also linked to cancers, specifically breast cancer in women.

  • Too much exercise can have life-threatening implications, but 30 minutes of movement per day has endless benefits.

  • Fish can actually be more toxic than we realize so if you're going to eat fish be wary of where it is coming from and what contaminants may be in the water.

  • One of the best ways to help our lymphatic system operate well is to bounce!

If you do end up reading Chris's book, let me know what you thought and what some of your key takeaways were!

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