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August Fitness Challenge: 21 Day Fix Real Time

New Fitness Program #2 = 21 Day Fix Real Time

I meant to try a different new program for this week but something was off with the app algorithm and it kept leading me to this program, so I figured it was a sign I try it. Overall I really enjoyed it. I've done the original 21 Day Fix and am a huge fan of Autumn.

What I Liked: I liked the structure 2 workouts twice for 1 minute each then move on to the next set. It helped me really feel the muscles working as they got fatigued. I also like the novelty of doing each workout for 1 minute instead of for a particular number of reps. In this way, it's very similar to the HIIT workouts I do in my own workout plan.

What I Didn't Like: I'm racking my brain and I can't honestly come up with something I didn't like... I'd prefer to have music in the background or the timecode so you know where you are in the minute interval but those are more critiques on the production than on the actual workout.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone, especially someone that is tight on time and only has 20-40 minutes for a workout.

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