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August Fitness Challenge: 100 Morning Meltdown

New Fitness Program #3 = 100 Morning Meltdown

This was the program I TRIED to launch last week but my app wasn't working properly. No worries, I figured out a way to get it to work for this week's new fitness program! Jericho does her sample workouts differently than Autumn. She pulls a block from each of the "days" in her program, whereas Autumn just creates a new workout. It was interesting because I felt like I got a more well-rounded introduction. However, I was not prepared to work every muscle group after a grueling leg day the day before...

What I Liked: The beat progressions and how she designed the workouts to speed up and slow down with the music. It got me fired up and felt more like a dance-type workout class than just a trainer going through workouts. I also LOVED the cool-down. It felt like a contemporary dance choreography and helped to bring my heart rate down in a calming, soothing manner.

What I Didn't Like: There were a couple of unique workouts, but for the most part it felt like a very standard workout. Though the format was new and different, the actual workouts felt derivative.

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