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Banded Workout Series: Booty

I've done ab workout series' and travel workout series' so now I give you the Banded Workout Series! This is a series of workouts 100% dedicated to resistance bands and loops. Don't have any? They're fairly affordable on Amazon.

I'm kicking-off the series with Banded Booty Workouts. A full booty burn-out with resistance loops. Resistance loops are just like resistance bands but instead of having two ends, they form a loop.

Banded Booty Workout

Repeat the Circuit 3X

Tabletop Burn-Out:

15x Donkey Kickbacks, 10x Donkey Kickback Pulses, 10x Circles In and Out

Bridge Burn-Out:

15x Bridge to Clams

Side Burn-Out (Each Side):

20x Side Clams, 15x U-Taps, 10x Back Bicycles

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