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COVID Wedding Planning

I am a type-A person. Under normal circumstances, that would make planning a wedding relatively easy. But during COVID, it has definitely tried my patience...

One Word to Describe COVID Wedding Planning = Reschedule

I cannot think of one thing (other than vendor interviews) that I haven't had to reschedule while planning a wedding during COVID. Our engagement photos were rescheduled twice. As I write this, I just rescheduled my hair and make-up trial (for the 3rd time). Our engagement party date was originally planned for last month and is currently in TBD status.

What's been the hardest part?

For me it's really just been about coming to terms with all the changes. I'm one of those girls that's dreamt about my wedding for years and a lot of the way I'd imagined things looking has changed. Ultimately it's ok and certainly not the end of the world. It's just an adjustment. Being type-A means I usually have a plan and I like that plan to stay somewhat consistent so it's been a stretch for me getting used to things being up in the air...

What's something I'm glad has come out of this experience?

I feel like I've learned a lot about myself and I've grown in my ability to be flexible. A few months ago having to reschedule something in the planning process was really difficult on me. Now when I have to reschedule things I just shrug, make the change and move on.

What's something I'd recommend to other Brides?

Planning is HUGE! Do whatever you can to plan in advance because if things have to change it'll be easier to adjust if you are ahead of schedule. I was lucky in that I made a conscious choice to have a long-engagement before COVID was even a thing. By the time it came along I had a full timeline in place and that timeline was stretched out over enough time that most things could be delayed a month or two and I'd still have plenty of time to get things done. It's given me a lot of wiggle room to make necessary adjustments.

What are my best tips for other Brides?

Tip 1 - Plan. Make a plan and be flexible in realizing that it can change. The key is to have a basic structure of how you want things to pan out over your wedding planning process.

Tip 2 - Self-Care. Take time for yourself. It's important to keep your stress level somewhat normal. It'll help you to feel your best and it'll help those around you who are really just trying to help, trust me.

Tip 3 - Remember it's YOUR and your Fiance's wedding. Family and friends will probably interject their options, but ultimately you get to do what's right for you and your future spouse. I will always consider a suggestion and make it clear that I appreciate the help and will come to a decision with Ian on what is best for us.

**All photography in this blog post was done by Jessica Castellano at JessCaste Photography. Email me via our contact page for her contact information.**


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