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Wedding Planning: Tips for Brides

Planning a wedding in itself can be stressful. Planning a wedding during a pandemic, presents a whole new set of challenges and stresses to the everyday Bride. Today I am going to cover five of my Tips for Brides, whether you're planning during a pandemic or not, these will help reduce the stress...

Make an Editable Checklist

Planning checklists can be found ALL OVER the internet and most of them provide great guidance. That said, no wedding is the same and no wedding checklist should be the same. I created mine as an excel spreadsheet so that I can easily edit, change and move things around. Also, because it's in excel, I was able to create a formula that tells me how far along I am in the planning process. I'm currently almost to 40%!

Take Time for Yourself

I cannot stress enough the importance of taking time for yourself and doing some self-care during the planning process. Chances are you might feel overwhelmed by the opinions of family and friends. Clearing your mind with some self-care will help you to remember what you want, why you're doing all this and why you cannot wait to marry your best friend.

Utilize Pinterest

Pinterest is a great place to get ideas and to organize your inspiration! You can create a wedding board then create sub-categories for things like decor, florals, food inspiration and signage inspiration. You'll also find blogs and helpful websites along the way depending on what pins you find.

Ask for Help

Chances are there are at least a few girls or guys in your life that LOVE weddings and would be willing to help! You don't have to dump it all on them, but if there is something that matches their strengths, ask for their help. One of my bridesmaids is an interior designer so I'm going to her whenever I need design or decor help.

Read Blogs + Ask Questions

You're already here so that's great! It's also key to ask your vendors and wedding planners consult-type questions. The more questions the better and if you have a question, ask it! No question is silly or unimportant. If you feel like the question applies to multiple vendors, ask everyone you think it applies to and avoid making any assumptions about what vendors can and cannot do.


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