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Book Review: THE CHOICE

Nicholas Sparks', The Choice is a beautiful novel about the power of love and choices. It suggests that every choice leads to another and another and your life inevitably becomes a series of decisions strung together. The book centers around Gabby and Travis, a physicians assistant and vetrinarian, respectively. Gabby moves into a quaint house near Travis and is thrust into his life when she assumes his dog has knocked up hers. He is immidiately enthralled by this crazy-lady of a neighbor, only problem being, she has a boyfriend of four years. Because this is Nicholas Sparks, they eventually fall in love and the choice--by which the book has obtained its name--eventually becomes Travis' after tragedy befalls them.

This is quite the page-turner. Sparks has mastered the art of chapter-end cliff-hangers. When I bought this book I had hoped to finish it in time to see the movie for Valentines Day, to my surprise, I was finishing the last words less than 48 hours later. All this happening amongst work and a day-long Superbowl party! The writing is beautiful and the story is just the same. Sparks does an excellent job of creating relateable characters who are then catapulted into these rather unlikely situations. I would recommend this book to all my girls out there who want to believe that someone can one day love them like Noah loved Allie.

SIDE NOTE: This book is not included in my 4 weeks of a book a week, but I wanted to start out the blog with my most recent read, in case you wanted to have something to read straight away!

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