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28 Days Sober - the Halfway Point

February 11th I started by 28 days sober journey, making today just a bit over the halfway point. Mid last week I really started noticing differences in the way my body was processing food. I am noticeably digesting everything much more quickly. Without counting calories I have managed to lose almost 2 pounds in the last week! That's eating some of my favorite foods, including popcorn. I'm probably averaging somewhere between 1400-1800 calories per day and due to my age and height I should be maintaining weight. Knowing that I am instead losing weight is more than enough reason for me to continue on this journey.

I really thought this whole process would be more difficult than it has been. It's been fairly easy to cut out all alcohol. A huge bonus is the money I am saving. Drinks in Southern California are usually at least $8, but can be as high as $15 at some places we frequent. Saving money is always a huge plus!

This process has opened by eyes to what is possible. I always used to think it was a load of crap that not drinking would help you lose weight. To be honest, though, I was very wrong. No one is saying give up alcohol for good, but to do it for a month or two can be very beneficial for your health or if you are trying to lose weight, like myself. Make it easier on yourself and plan out a time with fewer family and friend functions, like Christmas, Thanksgiving, birthdays, etc. February and March are generally very slow months for me, so it works out perfecting!

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