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December Stretch Challenge Recap

Another month and another challenge complete! I really enjoyed this challenge and it came at a great time, it being the holidays. I felt especially sore and tight some days so it was nice to get in a good stretch. I must admit, I didn't stretch on Christmas, but compared to the last time I did this challenge, I feel like that's a pretty good success rate!

Christmas I was busy with friends and family and honestly I am totally fine with skipping a day. Overall, it's a huge improvement and that's what matters to me. I do wish I could say that I gained flexibility, but there could be a number of factors why I didn't; colder air, dryer air, more soreness day to day, and maybe I didn't challenge myself enough in my individual stretches. Whatever the reason may be, that's also something to be cognizant of moving forward. But it was a step in the right direction and I can celebrate that win!

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