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The Bachelorette: Decor, Games and Playlists

My bachelorette weekend has come and gone and it was an absolute blast! I am coming out of the fun-filled weekend filled with gratitude for my girlfriends and for the opportunity to have this final, epic girls weekend.

I took on a lot of the planning for the weekend because I had the time and I wanted the girls to enjoy it. NOW, I want to share some of went into the fun-filled weekend in Temecula, CA. So, let's talk decor, games and playlists...

The Decor

We went with Rose Gold and Black decor and created the gift bags to match. I was able to get just about everything on Amazon and Etsy. Check out some of my favorites...

Amazon Decor Set - Here

Personalized Gift Bags - Here

Ring Pool Float - Here

Scrunchies - Here

The Games

Over the past year, I've been saving pins of games that looked and sounded fun and created a game line-up so full that we barely got through all the games by the end of the weekend. To keep costs down, I bought some nice paper and created all of the game cards on PowerPoint. From there, it was a quick print and cut job and we had plenty of games. Here's the full line-up:

  1. How Well Do You Know the Bride? A series of questions about yours truly, which the girls had to take turns answering. If they got it right, I drank and if they got it wrong, they drank.

  2. How Well Does the Bride Know the Groom? A series of questions about the Groom, which I had to answer. If I got it right, they drank. If I got it wrong, I drank.

  3. Drink If... A series of prompts like, "Drink if you're wearing pink." If the prompt applied to you, you had to drink.

  4. Wine Jeopardy - Just like Jeopardy, but all the questions were wine related. We played with 5 categories: Reds, Whites, Sparkling Wine, Wine Regions and Famous Wine Labels and Wineries.

  5. Guess the Rom-Com - A series of famous romantic comedy quotes. The girls had to guess which quote came from which movie.

  6. Porn or Polish - A series of names. The girls had to guess whether they were the names of nail polish or the title of a porn.

  7. The Memory Game - The girls wrote down a memory that they share with me and I had to guess who wrote each memory.

  8. The Panty Game - Each girl brought a pair of underwear (or multiple) that represented our friendship. I had to guess who brought which pair. I got all of them wrong, except one on the first try... It was an epic failure.

The Playlists

My fiancé knows a TON about music, so I decided to task him with creating two playlists for the weekend. He crushed it! We had a pool side/party playlist and a vibe-y brunch playlist. We did listed to other music throughout the weekend too, but these were a great addition!

  • Brunch So Hard Playlist - Here

  • Too Pool for School Playlist - Here


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